Art Creation Program (ACP)

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on 03 三月, 2014


There are 20 children covered by the Art Creation Program. 
We hope to help children to build up their ability, so they could make and sell artistic products to support themselves. 

The class is held once a week with various activities and it is a whole-day class; therefore, we provide lunch for students as well. 


The expection towards the class and the related policy is as below:

At the first stage, we guide the students to learn the history and mythology of Angkor Wat 
and to know different source materials of art. 

At the second stage, we lead children to make artistic products on schedule 
and hold art exhibitions or activities on a regular basis.

At the last stage, we expect children could create new cultural characteristics of Angkor Wat, 
build capabilities for self-sufficiency of themselves by providing long-term artistic education for talented children.



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