Education and Poverty Reduction (EPR)

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by Super User on 14 一月, 2011

   We believe education is a way out of poverty; thus, we start up English class for children and agricultural and vocational training for adults.

-  After-School English Class

In Angkor Thun District, nearby the sightseeing spot, it is an advantage for people who could speak English. People could earn more money if they have ability to communicate with foreign tourists. Hence, we have started long-term, after-school English Class and hope to increase competiveness of children.





Agriculture Livelihood Program

We believe teaching a man how to fish is better than giving him a fish. Therefore, we share the agriculture know-how to the villagers and start the program of mushroom cultivation. Through the program, farmers could increase the self-sufficiency and keep a stable career. Mothers who have to stay home take care of children could earn money by growing mushroom as well. The most important thing is that villagers learn not only agricultural techniques, but also profits management.

What’s more, to improve the environment and equipment of making mushroom bags (one of the steps of mushroom cultivation), Formosa Budding Hope decided to establish a district for Agriculture Livelihood Program. The district would have multi-functional classrooms for further vocational training and medical station, art gallery and so on that practically benefit the villagers. Also, the district would strengthen the community economically and enhance the quality of life for residents.









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