Rural Health Promotion Program (RHP)

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by Super User on 14 一月, 2011
   Nowadays, the inequity issues, especially, towards the health care system, still persist between rural and urban areas in Cambodia. Particularly, emergency like car accident becomes new health challenge. We have observed the problems; thus, we decided to provide medical service for remote area lacking basic medical care and set up emergency aid for villagers. Furthermore, to narrow the gap of education resource, we lead international volunteers to hold various learning activities for children.

- Medical Service

Formosa Budding Hope Organization observed the issues of inequity; especially, for women, the poor and other minorities. Therefore, we organize international medical service for people in rural areas on a regular basis. Doctors and dentists give free clinic service, promote hygiene education in schools and villages. Moreover, to improve the malnutrition of children and villagers, we give out rice and goods as well for nutrition supply.





- International Volunteer

We conduct and give advices to volunteers from students in Taiwan to hold children camp during their summer and winter vacation. Moreover, volunteers help to build hut or cultivate for families who lacks of people to complete the works. If you are interested in being international volunteer, fill in the application and mail to  Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 . For more detailed information, please read Join Us.


- Humanitarian Medical Aid

It is not easy for villagers to afford the transportation fee and the cost of staying in the hospital; therefore, we provide humanitarian medical aid and emergency aid to those who need further assistant and treatment by sending them to hospitals in city based on their conditions.





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