Cambodian Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

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on 22 七月, 2010
   The Cambodian Child Sponsorship Program aimed to save children from starving, 
to prevent children from abuse and to give them access to education.
We provide eggs and rice regularly, and uniforms, stationary and books for children,
so the children could have chances to study at school. 
Moreover, we establish relationship with children by visiting them regularly to see if they’re received proper assistance.


Nowadays, there are 400 children coverd by the program.
300 children are in Angkor Thun Dirstrict which are charged by Formosa Budding Hope Organization.
Another 100 children in Puok District which are charged by KAKO, the local organization we coorperated. 

  By donating NT$700 per month, you could help a child to be sponsored
and you
 will receive the data about the children and their background.
Sometimes, children will draw some pictures or make greeting cards to you as well.

  To Download the Donation Form



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