About Us

on 10 五, 2016

【Our Mission】

1. Deliver humanitarian aid in Cambodia.

2. Provide education and poverty reduction program in Cambodia.

3. Provide adequate medical assistance for people in Cambodia.

4. Promote partnership with international Non-Governmental Organization.

【Our Core Value】

    With a group of partners being passionate about Cambodia, 
Formosa Budding Hope Organization formed in December 2010.

    In accordance with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, 
we commits to providing care for children and families living under poverty line, 
offering adequate medical and health care to local people, and improving education and hygiene promotion.

【Our History】

    With master of social work, Monash University, Ms. Tzu-Hsun Yu founded Formosa Budding Hope Organization. 
In 2009, as a backpacker, she devoted herself to volunteer in Cambodia. She experienced the medical service and 
met the dentists who initiated the medical volunteer group, Love-Without-Boundary.

    During the term of service, Ms. Yu observed the needs of the locals. Thus, she cooperated with Formosa Charity Group 
to build the hospital center in Sihanoukville Province. Furthermore, she helped the girl with massively swollen right arm to 
be treated in Taiwan and also gave out rice and other material goods to the orphanages.

     Since 2010, in which Formosa Budding Hope Organization was founded, we have been consistently serving villagers
in remote areas in Cambodia until now.

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